Apple iPhone Unlocking Service

Liberate your iPhone from your network carrier

iPhone unlocking services for all models

Everything is done remotely.

  1. 1. Enter your iPhone's information

    We just need the IMEI (unique phone identification number) to be able to unlock your iPhone in Apple's database.

  2. 2. Complete your order

    Enter your billing information using our secure checkout.

  3. 3. Receive confirmation

    After unlocking your iPhone in Apple's database, you'll receive an email confirmation.

  4. 4. Complete the unlocking process

    Insert an unaccepted SIM card in your phone and follow the simple instructions provided by email.

We partner with 50+ companies worldwide, including:

Unlock iPhone Telus
Unlock iPhone Koodo
Unlock iPhone Fidog
Unlock iPhone Rogers
Unlock iPhone Bell
Unlock iPhone Virgin

About Unlock Buddy

Our mission

We strive to restore the respectability of unlocking phones by delivering fast, reliable and risk-free unlocking services.

Money back guarantee

If we can't unlock your mobile phone, we will gladly send you a full refund.

Customer support chat

Because you want answers now. Not tomorrow.

Why should I unlock my iPhone?

Sell your phone faster

Boost your phone value

Sell your old phone faster and for more money when you unlock it!

Travel with local sim cards

Travel differently

Stay connected anywhere in the world for less money by using local sim cards.

Change network carrier easily

Change carrier

Get access to cheaper, exclusive bring your own device plans.


What is iPhone unlocking?

Most carriers lock their iPhones to their network when you buy them, meaning that you will not be able to use it with any other carrier. The only way your iPhone can accept other sim cards is to unlock it in Apple's database (no unlock code needed). Here, at Unlock Buddy, we have developed many partnerships that allow us to do just that so you can use your iPhone with any carrier, anywhere in the world.

Is unlocking legal?

Yes, unlocking is perfectly legal. The CRTC (Canadian radio-television and telecommunications commission) wireless code requires carriers to provide the customers a method to unlock their phones. This method is costly and requires strict conditions to be met. Unlock Buddy's unlocking services usually cost less and are much more permissive.

Is unlocking permanent?

Yes, once we unlock your phone, it's unlocked forever.

Will I get my money back if you cannot unlock my phone?

We have a 100% money back guarantee policy. If we cannot unlock your phone, you will receive a full refund.

Will unlocking my phone void the manufacturer warranty?

Unlocking your device will not void the warranty in any way.

How much does phone unlocking cost?

It all depends on your phone model & carrier. We offer multiple mobile unlocking services which cost between $10 CAD & $89 CAD. To see how much it cost, simply enter your phone's manufacturer & carrier here.

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