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We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise to provide everyone with the possibility of unlocking their phones and ultimately, being free.  In the past, our customers consisted of businesses rather than individuals however, we felt a great need to share the benefits of unlocking and show everyone what it’s like to be free. We believe that it is of utmost importance to provide accurate information about phone unlocking as many questions are often left unanswered by mobile carriers and other unlocking services. Through the new Unlock Buddy website we provide you with quality information as well as quality services. Should you have any questions, we invite you to communicate with us by Facebook or on our Website. We want to help you unlock your phone in a quick and easy manner without any hassles. In addition, we guarantee that we will reimburse 100% your money if we are unable to unlock your phone.

Phone Unlocking Benefits

1.Monthly Plan Savings

There are so many advantages of having an unlocked phone that most people are unaware of. Having an unlocked phone is always synonymous with monthly savings. Not only will your plan cost less every month but it will also free you from contracts by giving you access to exclusive “Bring Your Own Device” plans. Think about it for one second; how would it feel to know that you can change your mobile plan and/or your carrier whenever you desire? So, instead of wasting thousands of dollars each year for mobile services, let us help you in getting the freedom and the savings you really deserve.


2.Travel with local sim cards

Speaking of freedom, travelling with an unlocked phone is also much cheaper than using your home carrier abroad. Not only will you avoid roaming fees and a hefty bill from your carrier but you will also be able to decide exactly how you want to use your phone abroad.  Mobile and data services in foreign countries are usually a lot less expensive than in your home country (waving to all Canadians right here). Travelling with your phone means that you can stay in touch with your friends, family and your work. When travelling, your phone is as essential as sunscreen. Like sunscreen protects you from sunburn, your phone will protect you in case of emergencies, in addition to being highly useful day to day. Your phone is an invaluable tool if you ever get stranded or need some help to find hotels, restaurants, taxis, activities and most importantly, use the GPS if you get lost.  Freedom is the best feeling out there; just remember to bring your phone along for the ride.


3.Boost the value of your phone

If your phone isn’t up to speed with your adventures and you’re looking to sell it to another party remember that unlocked phones always sell for more and much quicker than locked devices. Unlocked phones not only provide freedom, they are attractive too.

All in all, we want to welcome you to the Unlock Buddy family and to the great freedom that comes with it.

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Vanessa is a big travel enthusiast and is always planning her next adventure. All while travelling, she manages everything to do with customer experience, our wonderful team and our social media. She writes most of our blog posts and shoots the majority of the inspirational pictures featured on our Instagram page @unlockbuddy.

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